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Welcome to ‘The Fed’! Al Brown's take on an old-school NYC Jewish delicatessen. 

Open early and closed late, drop in and sample deli life at its most authentic. Mull a while over a bottomless cup of Joe or a delicious cocktail and sample some of the classic New York Deli dishes. Fill your kishka - tablecloths are pointless as eating ‘Deli’ is a meal of spills.

Remember to keep your fork – there’s pie.




Jump the line and text ahead your order on:


021 905 345. 


Drop us your name and time of pick up and be a mensch.




No need - we don't take any so just come on in.


And just so you know, we have limited room for larger groups, 14 being the largest, which sometimes means longer wait times.




































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The Fed will be closed for the duration of the new alert level 3 status.

We'll endeavour to reopen once we are advised its safe to do so.

Stay safe